KnockOut Abs®

The Ultimate Ab Trainer Ninja Warriors Love: KnockOut Abs is Now Available!

KnockOut Abs®

Have you ever heard of "SASUKE", a popular sports entertainment show in Japan?
"American Ninja Warrior" on NBC is spin off of SASUKE and as you see,
powerful and strong challengers try to conquer a series of tough courses to become an ultimate ninja warrior.
As a matter of fact, many Sasuke contestants are using Knockout abs to build strong abdominal and oblique muscles, which are vital to complete those extremely difficult obstacle courses.
KnockOut abs is the best workout tool you have never had before.
It helps you to rip and tone your midsection at home without fail.

As you punch a moving ball, this intense workout also has the added benefit of refreshing your mind and reducing daily stress.
One of SASUKE competitors recommends it by saying, "I purchased KnockOut Abs to relieve stress, but it turned out to strengthen and tone my entire core!"
Now it's time to quit painful workout and start a fun and rewarding experience.

Lots of people love KnockOut Abs, including many SASUKE competitors as well as dieters, quitters, exercise haters and more, because it is an effective yet super fun way to get great abs you have always wanted.

fun exercise tool for all

Easy to use

Just seat yourself on KnockOut Abs and hit the ball with your fists as hard as you can.
When you are getting used to it, throw straight punches! You can adjust load by adding twists or changing angles at which you hit the ball.

get ripped abs before you know it

Patented design specialized in achieving perfect sit-ups

Padded cross bar and cushioned sheet hold you in place, assisting you to do perfect sit-ups.
The special design enables you to change your foot positions and anyone can use it comfortably regardless of age or sex.

get six packs

Effective yet super fun way to get great abs

Do you think getting ripped abs is painful and burdensome? Wrong.
KnockOut Abs transforms ab training into something enjoyable.
You will be able to sculpt your abs and obliques while you have fun hitting the punching ball. This enjoyable aspect of your workout keeps yourself motivated to make training a daily habit.

fold it up for easy storage

Folds for easy storage

You can set it up for immediate use without any tools.
When not in use, simply fold it to store under a chair.
(The size in folded form is 13.4 x 29.5 x 8.7 inches. With punching ball separated, it’s even more compact.)

Cung Le

KnockOut Abs is also given credit by Cung Le, the second Strikeforce Middleweight Champion and Dr. Jeffrey Fossati MD, a certified doctor of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center.

Now let’s get ripped six pack abs you have dreamed of while getting rid of your stress!

over 20 rounds
3 workouts on 1 dvd!
durable foam bag!
exercise chart
knockout abs
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